Edit, compare, analyze your EEPROM, FLASH, MCU files with ease!

I see often labs using the most various software, maybe old fashioned that run on archaic windows versions, often pirated, to do very delicate operations on files, in an error prone way, and in a time consuming manner.

Meanwhile we developed a software that could satisfy the needs of whom has to deal with ECU repairing. But it is not over: sometimes we come up with some new functionality to ease the job of the workshops, listening to specific request from experts. In this manner was born the only editor dedicated to the field of car electronics.

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Hex 17

All the functionality you will need

Hexadecimal Automotive Editor

The perfect tool for all your needs of editing to repair ECUs

Hex editing

You can edit the contents of any file in a direct manner. Furthermore you have infinite undo/redo actions

File compare

You can compare files very easily and in a precise manner, also in 3-way

Effective functions

All the needed edit commands are exactly where you expect them.

Search and edit numerical data

You can find multiple data from files in various formats with one click. You can also search ASCII data

Windows integration

You can open and compare file directly from the windows explorer. You can also open compressed files.


Compare and edit the EDC17 EEPROM files as they where normal EEPROM files, with automatic checksum calculation.


Real time checksum calculation of selection"

Cut/join files

Cut, combine, join files in an intuitive manner without errors"

Speed and versatility

Hex-17 doesn't need an installation procedure and it weights less than 10Mb, opening instantly


The JavaScript engine allows you to create small programs to automate your edit


You can create specific settings for each ECU to be saved to a file, e.g. key code zones, replacements, numerical values, checksums, etc.
Compare files in 2 or 2 way with the possibility of direct editing
confronta copia
Undo/Redo function
annulla ripeti
Advanced search and edit of values
cerca modifica
ASCII string search and modify
cerca ascii
Search of binary data with multiple edits
cerca bytes
Fill selection with a pattern
riempi ff

Frequently asked questions

You can use Hex 17 up to 3 PCs. For the activation you need an internet connection.

Hex 17 works with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11

Hex 17 is specifically made for the ECU repair shops so it has more specific functionality and makes the job easier. Moreover there is some functionality like checksums and the way we do data search/manipulation is not available in any other software.

The software works offline. No files or other data is transmitted to our servers. The only reason you need internet connection is for the license verification.

Hex 17 is developed by Aldo Nicolas Bruno, the founder of Aldus Electronics, and creator of the legendary ECU programming tool Lince.

When you buy a license, you can access the customer area where you can download the software and the user manual, that fully describes the software functions.